CABULA6 puts on HAIR - a 21st century rendition of the 1960s breakout rock musical.  The City of Vienna has commissioned the award winning international performance group, CABULA6 in collaboration with Vienna Hair Salons to create a work of Art:  the first official 'Vienna Wig'.  In a four day around-the-clock performance, the hair from hundreds of people living in Vienna will be woven into a one-of-a-kind Vienna Wig. From the 6th - 9th July, premier hair stylists from around the city will offer free haircuts and create a wig - unlike anything ever seen before - right in front of the audiences' eyes made from the HAIR ON THEIR HEADS and transformed into a work of Art. Once made, the wig will begin to live its own life as it travels to major museums around the world.  The installation begins and ends with a performance. (WUK 2011)